Madman, Chapter 14

Ed Sharrow
7 min readAug 6, 2022

Saturday is Story Day

Madman is a serialized Christian novel with 28 chapters. One chapter will be posted each Saturday. The first three chapters are free to read and form a short story on their own. To access chapters behind the paywall, please join Medium using my membership referral link. A portion of your monthly fee will be credited to me.

Madman is based on the life of an historical figure. This fictionalized account offers insights into personal rebirth in Christ.

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Chapter 14

Though Anthony was still the master of his estate, several years passed with his sister Dious and his foreman Hechim running the day-to-day operations. Neither resented Anthony’s choice to remain with the anchorite Zafir. Dious longed for the day that she could join her brother in the singular search for God. Even when Josiah was alive, Hechim dedicated his service to God. With increased responsibility on the estate, Hechim’s own connection to God had also increased. Service was Hechim’s expression of love not only for the family he served but also for his Creator.

Crowds arrived at dawn on the day of the full moon to see both Zafir and Anthony. When the crowd became restless, Zafir turned to Anthony and whispered, “Some full moons are stronger than others.”

“The moon tonight must be unusually strong,” Anthony shared the sentiment. As he spoke to Zafir, lines formed in front of both men. “We’ve not seen a crowd of this size before.”

“They come for you.”

Anthony pulled back, as if Zafir had slapped him, “What do you mean?”

“Look,” Zafir pointed at the longer line waiting to be received by Anthony. He laughed when he saw Anthony’s confused expression.

One by one, each came forward and prostrated before Anthony and Zafir silently. Each made an offering such as a satchel of grain, a flower, a dried fruit, or a coin. There was a basket between Anthony and Zafir where the offerings were collected. As the day progressed, full baskets were pushed back and an empty basket was placed in front. Late in…

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