Revelation 19, 20, 21

Ed Sharrow
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Up until this point, Revelation has been primarily concerned with the disciple’s personal experience of developing and establishing an unbreakable relationship with God. With the grace of the Christ, a disciple progresses through gaining wisdom and insights into the false nature of the human experience which is commonly considered “reality”.

Sincere disciples must make an effort to build a relationship with the triune nature of God. This includes following the example of the son of man/Son of God, surrendering to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and finally coming to love God more than one loves their separate existence. The personal experience of Revelation is the penultimate human accomplishment. There are many layers of spiritual experiences and progressive connections to be made with God through Christ. Those who experience Revelation will resurrect their unique expression in God.

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To have one’s name in the “book of life” means to have made an unbreakable connection with God. The spiritual battle is not won with the intellect, nor with external fights. The spiritual battle is won in the heart. Only a permanent change of the heart from creation to Creator can get the attention of God.

While God has always been aware of each individual, each person must choose Him in order to realize their status as one of the “Chosen” who consciously survive the end of creation. Everything that has a beginning has an end. The three successive deaths for humans include death of the body, death of the ego, and finally at the end of creation death of the soul. Each of these has a beginning and will have an end. Yet by reclaiming one’s relationship with God, each person’s individual and unique qualities — the ones imparted by God upon original conception — will remain “alive”.

Considering the end of creation can be a distracting intellectual exercise. The disciple should be more concerned with perfecting their relationship with the Trinity now, then with worrying about what happens at the end. I have met hundreds (if not thousands) of Christians, Jews, Yogis, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and others who claim to be “saved”, yet almost none have a personal relationship with God. Simply claiming to be a Christian does not touch the heart of Christ. Most followers of religion have a relationship with God’s law but not with God. While…

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