A New Eschatology for Revelation

Ed Sharrow
2 min readJul 11, 2022

The Liberating Message of Apostle John

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Theologians have done an evil disservice to countless generations of Christians by their negative and destructive interpretations of John’s various messages. In particular, Revelation has been degraded by the dark minds of worldly focused preachers of all denominations. It would have been better for these lost souls to have avoided the book entirely than to spread a message of fear. Those who follow the example of Christ Jesus to the God source of all experiences are released from fear when their relationship with Christ is established. Each fallen minister bears some of the trials and tribulations they cause other souls by preaching from a background of learned ignorance versus one of wisdom.

Revelation is a celebration of how heaven comes to one’s earthly experience. It describes, in the limited language of John’s heritage, the symptoms of developing one’s love for God. The language describes weeding the pristine Garden of Eden, tilling the soil of lost acres, and finally the cultivation of God’s original intentions for the experience of individuality within the context of unanimity.

The theology of eschatology “the end of all time and things” carries a negative connotation that should be dismissed. When minerals adhering to gold are heated to separate the gold particles, the result of more pure gold is valued and celebrated. Similarly, separating the original qualities of the soul from the dross of the selfish ego requires a process that is generally labeled as both undesirable and violent. For the egotistical individual who is in love with the world and not with God, liberation from ignorance appears painful and undesirable. However, the scenarios described by John produce results that satisfy the eternal quest of the soul to know the Absolute. The process of the end of one’s ignorance has desirable, incremental experiences of increasing peace, wisdom, and joy.

John also describes in the vernacular of his time what is currently studied in many circles as “kundalini yoga”. In describing the process of both the individual and a community return to a state of ever-new Joy and to the experience of unconditional Love, John exposes much of the structure of creation. John’s Revelation will be examined in detail across a series of posts.

Here’s a link to the first post elaborating the process of returning Home to eternal Joy. Revelation 1:1–3